The Enclosure

Lab-Bubble™ is designed as a low cost, versatile piece of containment equipment. Currently, there are 4 different models: ‘Safety Bubble’ which provides operator protection when handling hazardous chemicals, ‘Glove Bubble’ for sealed environments, and 2 types of ‘PCR Bubble’ providing product protection for sensitive samples.

Measuring only 750Wx800Dx575H, Lab-Bubble™ will fit onto any standard workbench and fit through standard doorways. Quick assembly and easy to relocate makes all models very effective containment solutions for the laboratory.

Each Bubble is supplied with our specially designed fan system and safe change filter. This design enables the user to carry out quick, safe and simple filter changes. Our fan system does not require connection to the house facility extract, returning clean air directly into the laboratory environment. Energy efficient and low noise electronics keep energy running costs low.



 The Construction

Lab-Bubble™ bases (2) are manufactured from a modified High Density Polyethylene which provides excellent chemical resistance and easy to clean surfaces. Specially modified and moulded acrylic is used for the Lab-Bubble™ lid (1) offering excellent visibility and ergonomics

The ducting (3) is a polyurethane material commonly used in the fume extraction systems and the fan filtration module (4) is made of powder coated mild steel which has good resistance to cleaning solvents.


Bespoke Design

Each Lab-BubbleTM can be easily upgraded and adapted from our range of accessories. However, we also offer bespoke alterations to meet specific needs, please contact us. 

Included with purchase, every model is delivered with pre-tested and pre-validated documentation specific to the identity of each enclosure.